Photos: Ten Colorado-connected hotties, ingenues and reality-TV stars

Lyssa Rae Chapman:
lyssa rae chapman.jpg
Lyssa Rae Chapman.
The tenth child of Beth and Duane "Dog the Bounty Hunter" Chapman, the Denver-born "Baby Lyssa" literally grew up on television as a featured player in her folks' reality show. That program got the sack within the past year -- so what's next? According to our friends at Wikipedia, an autobiography entitled Walking on Eggshells: The Lyssa Chapman Story. Tread lightly.

Heidi Montag:

heidi montag wiki.jpg
Heidi Montag.
The second alum of The Hills on this list, Montag, who was born in Crested Butte, is easily the most terrifying of the two owing to an unwise amount of plastic surgery. She and her off-putting mate, Spencer Pratt, are supposedly planning a new reality series for 2013. Consider yourself warned.

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Josh Court
Josh Court

Oh I'm sorry, I didn't realize I liked the TMZ page.

BackOffImStarving topcommenter

"Reality" and "star" should never, ever be used in the same sentence.

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