Photos: Ten Colorado-connected hotties, ingenues and reality-TV stars

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The roster of notable people who were either born in Colorado or lived here for a time is huge -- and included among them are plenty of female entertainers from the past and present. But which of them will stand the test of time? And which will fade, if they haven't already started to do so? Look below to check out our top ten, which ranges from already stale reality stars to actresses likely to appear on stages and screens for many years to come.

Jessica Biel:

jessica biel wiki.jpg
Jessica Biel.
Raised in Boulder, Biel continues to be more highly regarded for her looks than her acting ability; she was a multiple Razzie winner for the Adam Sandler abomination I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry. But she's still getting work in high-profile projects like the current flick Hitchcock (she plays Vera Miles). And if the acting gigs dry up, there's always the consolation of being married to Justin Timberlake, with whom she exchanged rings in October.

Pam Grier:

pam grier coffy.jpg
Pam Grier.
Grier was born in North Carolina, but spent her formative years in Denver, where she attended East High School and Metro State. She's since lived in our fair state in between acting gigs, including this year's RZA-helmed Man With the Iron Fists. These days, she's probably best known for the Quentin Tarantino opus Jackie Brown. But if you haven't seen it, check out 1973's blaxploitation landmark Coffy. You'll be glad you did.

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Heather Doozer
Heather Doozer

westword needs more articles with substance. badly. this is the most pathetic quality of writing in a weekly EVER

Heather Doozer
Heather Doozer

if you get feelings of pride from someone famous being associated with your state you are doing things very, very wrong. Maybe try to do something to actually be proud of?

Virgil Dunn
Virgil Dunn

Gee, Mikey Roberts. Why not just apply directly with People magazine rather than go through the trouble of using an already low quality local weekly as your personal "resume."

Nico Phelps
Nico Phelps

Sheryl lee obvi, no comment on her roles after Laura Palmer!!!!

Josh Court
Josh Court

Oh I'm sorry, I didn't realize I liked the TMZ page.

BackOffImStarving topcommenter

"Reality" and "star" should never, ever be used in the same sentence.

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