Photos: Ten Colorado-connected hotties, ingenues and reality-TV stars

Sheryl Lee:
sheryl lee.jpg
Sheryl Lee.
Although she breathed her first in West Germany, Lee and family later moved to Boulder, where she graduated from Fairview High a few years before becoming a national pop-culture figure as the doomed Laura Palmer in David Lynch's influential TV series Twin Peaks. Since then, she's had only a handful of memorable roles, but her work as Palmer continues to live on despite the fact that her character's initial appearance was as a cadaver.

Sherry Stringfield:

sherry stringfield.jpg
Sherry Stringfield.
A Colorado Springs native, Stringfield burst to fame as part of the ensemble TV series ER -- an enormous hit that launched George Clooney to mega-stardom. Don't know if Stringfield expected something similar when she jumped ship after five years on the show, but it didn't happen for her. Them's the breaks, and sometimes the breaks suck.

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Josh Court
Josh Court

Oh I'm sorry, I didn't realize I liked the TMZ page.

BackOffImStarving topcommenter

"Reality" and "star" should never, ever be used in the same sentence.

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