Reader: We know more about the Newtown shootings than we do about Aurora

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Steven Unruh.
Conspiracy theories are flying about the shootings at Newtown, and the e-mail that Alan Prendergast received over the weekend pretty much summed it up. Under a subject line that read "Someday we Might get the Truth from the Owned & Controlled Puppets in the Press," the writer launched into a tirade against the media for concealing the truth about what had just happened at Sandy Hook Elementary School.

And that e-mail's author isn't the only one who thinks the media is failing to uncover the truth -- or worse, willfully participating in a cover-up. And not just regarding what really happened at Newtown, but what led to the shootings in Aurora.

Prendergast offered a look into one theory in his jailhouse interview with Steven Unruh, an inmate who says he spent hours talking to Aurora shootings suspect James Holmes shortly after his arrest last July. That story was picked up by the National Enquirer, and fueled more conspiracy theories.

Says Annaleisle:

When do we start getting some goddamn answers, We know more about Newtown than we do about Aurora, how?! I don't get it. I'm no theorist but c'mon America, put some brainpower into asking questions and demanding answers from these so called people who are here to "serve and protect!" I guess the only ones who do are the "nutters." Sucks to be stuck under a rock. I refuse to believe any more lies. Their secret agenda is obvious and I disagree.

From our archives: "James Holmes: Inmate's strange tale of "confession" and suicide efforts"

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In many ways I sympathize and relate to what the blogger is trying to say. The mysteries surrounding the Aurora tragedy are beginning to pile up as Colorado's own Sept 11. Should the Holmes case make it to trial and he hasn't killed 'himself' yet, I'm quite sure he will be railroaded w/ something resembling the '911 Commission Report'. 

I remain leaning towards his guilt, but the way his case is being handled leaves MAJOR room for skepticism . Still too many christians, blindly herded into accepting WHAT THEY ARE TOLD w/o concern. Now, following blatant lies as w/ the '911 Comm Report' & our truth-challenged gov's arrogant showing of ULTIMATE POWER, we cower and go along w/ their findings like when we tell a fat kid he's 'big-boned'.

Of course those in disagreement, righteously blame anyone available, INCLUDING the press. The #1 source for informing the masses JUST WHAT THE FUCK THE GOV WANTS US TO KNOW ! The WW shouldn't take it too personal. The WW was the sole local publication/'news' source that hadn't given the election to Romney back in July .

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