The ten worst Colorado bike collisions of 2012

7. Both cyclist and driver cited in Boulder crash

28th and Spruce, Boulder.jpeg
Google Maps
Screenshot of the intersection.
In a November bike-vehicle crash in Boulder, both parties stayed on the scene. And both were cited by law enforcement officials. In this case, the cyclist, who was badly injured, turned into a crosswalk, but did not activate the flashing LED crosswalk signal. He then passed in front of a stopped Chevy van, but a Chrysler passed by that van and entered the crosswalk at full speed. The cyclist was struck, rolled onto the hood of the car and hit the windshield -- and then was reportedly carried 82 feet. The cyclist was issued a summons for "Pedestrian Disregarded Traffic Control Signal," and the driver was issued a summons for "Careless Driving Caused Bodily Injury."

6. The knife-wielding cyclist

Mugshot of Taylor Rose 21.jpg
Mugshot of Taylor Rose, 21.
There was no actual crash in this incident -- but this bizarre case did involve a cultural collision of booze, a methadone clinic and a knife. On a Tuesday morning in September, Taylor Rose, 21, was riding his bike in Boulder and allegedly swerved in front of a truck driver, just barely missing him. The driver asked, "What the fuck's wrong with you?" Rose, who apparently reeked of alcohol, replied, "What the fuck's wrong with you?" But the fracas did not stop with routine road cussing. Instead, Rose reportedly leaned close to the driver, let out a yell, then stepped back and pulled a knife from his pants pocket, waving at the driver. The cyclist then rode off to a methadone clinic, and was subsequently arrested for felony menacing and riding under the influence.

5. South Platte Trail trap
While there's a lot of tension on the road between cyclists and drivers, the bike-only trails of Denver are not entirely safe from bizarre rage against cyclists. In October, a barbed wire trap on a trail in South Platte Park threw a woman off her bike in a mishap that left her injured and damaged her bike. Given that there were lots of cyclists out on this Sunday, it is likely that the trap was put in place pretty shortly before she hit the wire. If the path had been more crowded at the time, the situation could have been a lot worse.

Continue for more of the worst bike crashes of 2012.

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Josh Bradley
Josh Bradley

Be great to see bike riders forced to register their road hazards on wheels and have to display ID tags so you can actually report them. They can report drivers so why not the other way around? That would be great.

Shasta McGovern
Shasta McGovern

Again, you guys write about a negative topic for people to put energy towards. Seems like there could be something more positive to write about? You guys have access to so many people, be the change.

DonkeyHotay topcommenter

 It's time to End the Free Ride for Bicyclists on Public Roads

  • It's time for Mandatory Bicycle Registration for all bikes that operate on Public Roads
  • It's time for Mandatory Bicycle Licenses for all cyclists who ride on Public Roads
  • It's time for Mandatory License Plates for all bikes on Public Roads so that citizens can more readily identify the scofflaw cyclists
  • It's time for Mandatory Liability Insurance for all bikes on the Public Roads so that their victims can be financially compensated for the harm, injury and death they may cause.

No More Free Rides for Bicyclists!

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