The ten worst Colorado bike collisions of 2012

4. Herbert Hoover's grandson

Byron Nix, accident photo.jpeg
Courtesy of Byron Nix
The scene of the accident in Deer Creek Canyon
This bike-vehicle crash in Deer Creek Canyon stands out for a variety of reasons -- most noticeably, perhaps, because the driver just so happens to be the grandson of President Herbert Hoover. But even if this Hoover were not tied to one of our nation's former commanders, it would still make our list -- and close to the top as one of the worst of the year. That's because Hoover allegedly honked and yelled at a group of cyclists out for a ride on a Sunday before he apparently got so fed up that he sped forward, knocking Byron Nix off his bike. Hoover's car crushed the bike and just narrowly missed pulling the cyclist under as well. In our post on the story, we got detailed accounts from both the cyclist and the driver.

3. The nonstop honker
This case thankfully did not involve a physical collision, but it is at the top of our list because it got attention across Colorado and in cycling communities, thanks to the video shot by cyclist Dirk Friel that clearly captures the unexplainable honking of James Ernst, who was driving an SUV in Longmont on an empty road on a Sunday morning. For some reason, Ernst decided that he would not pass two cyclists legally riding single file and very much as far right as they could be -- but instead drove slowly behind them and honked incessantly. For many minutes. Ernst was cited after the video went viral and he eventually pleaded not guilty to several charges related to aggressive driving and harassment.

Continue for more of the worst bike crashes of 2012.

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Josh Bradley
Josh Bradley

Be great to see bike riders forced to register their road hazards on wheels and have to display ID tags so you can actually report them. They can report drivers so why not the other way around? That would be great.

Shasta McGovern
Shasta McGovern

Again, you guys write about a negative topic for people to put energy towards. Seems like there could be something more positive to write about? You guys have access to so many people, be the change.

DonkeyHotay topcommenter

 It's time to End the Free Ride for Bicyclists on Public Roads

  • It's time for Mandatory Bicycle Registration for all bikes that operate on Public Roads
  • It's time for Mandatory Bicycle Licenses for all cyclists who ride on Public Roads
  • It's time for Mandatory License Plates for all bikes on Public Roads so that citizens can more readily identify the scofflaw cyclists
  • It's time for Mandatory Liability Insurance for all bikes on the Public Roads so that their victims can be financially compensated for the harm, injury and death they may cause.

No More Free Rides for Bicyclists!

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