The ten worst Colorado bike collisions of 2012

2. Gelseigh Karl-Cannon

Gelseigh Karl Cannon snow image.jpeg
Gelseigh Karl-Cannon
Sometimes the consequences of these crashes can be incredibly devastating. Such was the case with Gelseigh Karl-Cannon, 23 and a recent graduate of Columbia University in New York City, who was hit by a truck in Denver near the intersection of First Avenue and Clayton Street. She was rushed to a nearby hospital, but was pronounced dead when she failed to respond to treatment. The death was ruled accidental. Read more about her life in our post on the accident.

1. Dan Peterson

Dan Peterson image 1.jpg
Dan Peterson
It was the crash that got the attention of Denver officials and was central to our cover story, "On a Roll," which took a close look at the rise of cycling in Denver. Thirty-year-old Dan Peterson died after a late-night collision, in which a car hit him at the intersection of Lincoln and Speer. The car drove off -- but not before its two occupants picked up the bike and threw it in their vehicle, leaving Peterson alone in the middle of the road. He died later that day. Many in Denver became aware of the fatality through a ghost bike memorial that appeared at the intersection, put up by an anonymous group of cyclists who didn't personally know Peterson. Read more about him in an obituary post we wrote in October.

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Josh Bradley
Josh Bradley

Be great to see bike riders forced to register their road hazards on wheels and have to display ID tags so you can actually report them. They can report drivers so why not the other way around? That would be great.

Shasta McGovern
Shasta McGovern

Again, you guys write about a negative topic for people to put energy towards. Seems like there could be something more positive to write about? You guys have access to so many people, be the change.

DonkeyHotay topcommenter

 It's time to End the Free Ride for Bicyclists on Public Roads

  • It's time for Mandatory Bicycle Registration for all bikes that operate on Public Roads
  • It's time for Mandatory Bicycle Licenses for all cyclists who ride on Public Roads
  • It's time for Mandatory License Plates for all bikes on Public Roads so that citizens can more readily identify the scofflaw cyclists
  • It's time for Mandatory Liability Insurance for all bikes on the Public Roads so that their victims can be financially compensated for the harm, injury and death they may cause.

No More Free Rides for Bicyclists!

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