Dylan Redwine search: New photos released, parents take polygraphs

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Big photos below.
Update: New photos have been released of Dylan Redwine, a thirteen year old who went missing on November 19 while visiting his dad in the Vallecito Lake area; see our original coverage below. In addition, Dylan's mom and her ex-husband, who she earlier suggested may have played a role in the boy's disappearance, have reportedly taken polygraph tests.

Here's an updated missing-persons/reward poster as shared on the Find Dylan Redwine Facebook page:

dylan redwine poster december 2012.jpg
As you can see, there's a new, more detailed description of the clothing Dylan was likely wearing when he vanished on the 19th. That's thanks to surveillance photos of the boy shot at an airport and a Walmart.

dylan redwine airport walmart.jpg
Posts on the aforementioned Facebook page, which now has more than 4,000 likes, continue to be positive, with items about events such as the Hope for Dylan Benefit Dinner/Silent Auction, slated for December 11 at the Pine Valley Four Square Church in Bayfield.

An example is the following note to Dylan from a loved one; it's upbeat about the scope of the search even though the teen has been missing for more than two weeks. It reads:


I was so glad to see the helicopters out today looking for you! We have not given up! I can't wait to see your face when you find out how many people love you! You have touched so many hearts in the world! After we find you and your Mutti spends some much needed time with you, she is going to have to share you with the world... just a little! So many, many people are working so hard to bring you home. WE HAVEN'T GIVEN UP HOPE! WE NEVER WILL! DON'T GIVE UP ON US!

Luv ya buddy!

Look below for a CBS4 report about the ongoing search for Dylan.

Continue for our previous reporting about Dylan Redwine.

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