Dylan Redwine search: New photos released, parents take polygraphs

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In the meantime, the Find Missing Dylan Redwine Facebook page is providing up-to-date information about the search and affiliated events, including a prayer and caring vigil slated for 6 p.m. tonight in Bayfield. Also included are photos, such as these shots of the search for Dylan in the area around Vallecito Lake on Sunday....

dylan redwine search sunday 2.jpg

dylan redwine search sunday.jpg
...and this image of Dylan's friends distributing flyers like the one seen above:

dylan redwine friends flyers.jpg
Today, no searches at the lake are being conducted -- but a recently posted Facebook note urges folks not to leap to conclusions. It reads:
The search for Dylan has not been called off. Investigators are still exploring every option, they have simply stopped looking in the lake. The community is still searching for Dylan and La Plata County officials are now being assisted by several federal [agencies] from around the country. Please be discerning when you read the news, while I know most people try to get a close to the truth as possible reporters can not help but try to sensationalize things to sell their news.
Continue to read more about the disappearance of Dylan Redwine, and to see more photos and videos.

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