Dylan Redwine search: New photos released, parents take polygraphs

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dylan redwine 2.jpg
Another photo of Dylan.
Also recently shared on the page is this note to Dylan from a family friend:
Hey Dyl,

Just in case your out there somewhere you can see. I stood on the dam today up at the lake and hugged your brother and mutti (pronounced "moo tee"). They really, really miss you. We all do~ Krystal, Mike and your Aunt Leah. I talked to your friends, Ryan, Wes, Fernando and Carolyne they really miss you a lot too. We have all been searching for you daily, and at night we stay up and search the web and monitor Facebook, hoping and hoping for just the slightest lead or clue as to where you are. All the time praying you are safe and warm. We know that if you were free you would have contacted one of us by now, just know that we are looking, hard. We aren't giving up hope that we will find you so don't give up on us. Hold hope in your heart that we closer every day, minute and second to finding you.

We are going to bring you home soon -- I pray that with all my might with every waking moment! Your family loves you so dearly, we all do buddy -- Come home.

Below, see two reports about the search for Dylan Redwine -- one from 7News, the other from ABC News.

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