Republican candidates in Boulder and Pueblo pursue recounts, despite wide margins of loss

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Marks notes that this recount would give the canvass board an opportunity to verify and scrutinize the results separate from the county clerk's process.

"In a recount, the clerk has to stand aside," Marks says. "This is a check and balance."

The canvass board in Boulder declined to certify the results due to what it sees as a flawed signature verification process with mail ballots and alleged inconsistencies in the final counts. The Clerk and Recorder in Boulder insists her office has her team has gone above and beyond in giving the canvass board access to information. She argues that the protests are unmerited and politically motivated.

Arapahoe County crowd at Scott Gessler hearing.JPG
Sam Levin
Voters concerned with fraud at a hearing last week with Scott Gessler in Arapahoe County.
Meanwhile, in Pueblo County, the Republican Party has requested recounts on behalf of three candidates -- Jerry Denney, a GOP House District candidate, and county commissioner candidates Debbie Rose and Dan Centa. Latest counts show that Denney only received 39 percent of the vote, Centa received 46 percent of the votes and Rose received 49 percent of the votes.

"Throughout the whole campaign, we've had difficulty getting transparency and getting the information we needed," says Becky Mizel, chair of the Republican Party of Pueblo,whose concerns echo those in Boulder. "When the number's don't add up, people get very discouraged and wonder if the election integrity process is really there."

The clerk and recorder's office has told the Pueblo GOP that a recount would cost somewhere around $29,000, which Mizel says is too high. But GOP officials are still exploring their options for a possible recount, she says, and her original request is on view below.

"As far as we are concerned, the recount period has ended," says Gilbert Ortiz, clerk and recorder of Pueblo. "But I'm sure they can go to court [if they choose]."

He adds, "I don't know what they mean by lack of transparency. I have not denied them any requests that they've asked for.... We have been completely transparent."

He notes that the canvass board unanimously certified the election. He thinks the election was successful.

"The mail ballot process is very secure...and it's very secure in Pueblo," he says.

Andrew Cole, spokesman for the Secretary of State's office, says officials are reviewing the request from Boulder and working on giving the candidate an estimate of the recount cost. The clerk and recorder's office in Boulder has estimated the cost at more than $27,000, but the Secretary of State is working with county officials to see if that is reasonable. The status in Pueblo remains unclear, given uncertainty over what the GOP might pursue.

We've left a message with the Boulder Clerk and Recorder's office and will update if we hear back.

Continue for the official requests in Boulder and Pueblo.

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Sarah Quesada
Sarah Quesada

Let them have the recount. And let them bear the cost of this recount.

Lumnija Gjoni
Lumnija Gjoni

*facepalm* these people are still at it? Please stop being sore losers and move something for humanity and evolve please

Lenn Stout
Lenn Stout

Of course they are. They're still suffering from a Fox News hangover - too much Kool-Aid

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