Five guys Ken Salazar should offer to punch out

doug lamborn vertical.jpg
Doug Lamborn.
2. Doug Lamborn.Like Gardner, Representative Doug Lamborn frequently champions energy interests -- even if he's a bit underpaid for his hard work. But his position chairing a key subcommittee of the House Natural Resources Committee, not to mention his gung-ho views on opening up the West to oil shale development, make him a particularly formidable opponent for Battlin' Ken, who's urged a go-slow approach on oil shale. Mounds of studies argue against further subsidies for a technology that demands vast amounts of water, has dire environmental risks and has never been proven commercially viable -- but if facts can't sway Lamborn, maybe an ass-whupping will.

Raul Grijalva.jpg
Raul Grijalva.
1. Raul Grijalva. Once Salazar has cemented his rep among the tree-huggers by kayoing Davis, Tillerson, Gardner and Lamborn, he can prove he's really a centrist by inviting Grijalva to a smackdown. The affable Arizona congressman and conservationist was many enviros' first choice for Interior four years ago, and some of them are still lobbying for him to replace Salazar, now that the job seems to be up for grabs. A guy like Grijalva is likely to impose all kinds of protections on public lands, even at the risk of being labeled an obstructionist by energy interests, and might even end the brutal BLM roundups of wild mustangs. That kind of dangerous thinking is just the thing to start Salazar swinging. Keep your mitts up and your head down, Raul.

From our archives: "The zen of Ken: Ken Salazars wants windmills in the ocean, but first he'll have to save the Interior Department.

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He has the, " I'm needed back on the ranch . ", excuse he 'believes' to save face with, once he is RAN !

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