Germaine "Jell-O" Wallace gets fifteen years for prostituion ring run through strip clubs

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Big pics below.
Back in May 2011, we told about accused procurer Germaine "Jell-O" Wallace, who was arrested along with four women who allegedly helped him run a prostitution ring through high-profile Denver strip clubs. He's now been convicted on a pair of charges that netted him a fifteen-year sentence in the Big House -- a far cry from the big house where he used to live.

Prior to his arrest, as we've reported, Jell-O was livin' large, sharing a $1.3 million mansion with a bevy of beautiful babes and exotic animals like an African wild cat named Goldie.

Laughead Kara.JPG
Kara Laughead.
His housemates in Florida, where he'd lived previously, were considerably less pleased to be there. Wallace and another man were convicted of armed sexual battery and more after luring two Ohio teen girls to the Sunshine State; there, they allegedly kept their victims in a house against their will and forced them into prostitution.

For this crime, Wallace served over seven months in jail, after which he apparently decided to try a variation on the scheme in a new location. Four women later identified as Allison Kelly, Amber Wilson, Teresa Weeks and Kara Laughead, the supposed "mother" of the group, are said to have traveled with Wallace to Colorado. Once here, the quartet would score jobs at clubs such as the Diamond Cabaret and PT's All Nude, then entice women they met on the grind into joining Team Jell-O.

Kelly Allison.JPG
Allison Kelly.
Being part of the squad wasn't easy. Cops believe the women were required to take in a minimum of $500 a night for sex acts commonly performed in private lap-dance booths without the knowledge of club management. At night's end, they'd spread out cash on a table for Wallace to collect.

This bounty allegedly paid the rent on a Castle Rock spread large enough for Wallace and his employees to dirt bike. Also sharing the joint were exotic pets like the aforementioned Goldie and a kinkajou native to rain forests, plus plenty of weapons and a handful of cars, including one sporting a sticker of Bugs Bunny getting fresh with Jessica Rabbit.

Continue for more about the Germaine "Jell-O" Wallace case, including photos and a probable cause statement.

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Damn if these women are representative of Denver strip clubs I would just say no! Good hell them some ugly azz hoes!!!


Oh Snap !

'Tis hard out there for a pimp indeed.


( Gold star for usage of " procurer "  in the above context. World class. )

" Kara Laughead " Wow. I'll stop.


The only good pimp is a dead one !.........

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