James Holmes: CU releases 3,800 e-mails about him, to him and written by him

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James Holmes.
Today, the University of Colorado released about 3,800 e-mails related to accused Aurora theater shooter James Holmes, a neuroscience student at the school who had begun to withdraw more than a month before the July 20 attack. Most of the e-mails we've combed through are unremarkable, but some provide a window into how staff reacted in the immediate aftermath. Read several e-mails below, with more to come.

One e-mail sent on the morning of July 20 by Larry Hunter, a professor in the university's computational bioscience program, indicates Holmes had a "brief romantic relationship" with a graduate student in Hunter's program. Read it below:

E-mail about James Holmes, July 20 11:10 a.m.

The e-mails released also include some written by Holmes, like the one below:

E-mail from James Holmes, September 18, 2011

Other e-mails shed light on how faculty and staff reacted to the news:

E-mail about James Holmes, July 20 11:48 a.m.

Continue reading for more e-mails about Holmes.

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