James Holmes: Read e-mails written by him before shooting, e-mails sent to him after

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James Holmes.
The University of Colorado has released 1,500 e-mails from accused Aurora theater shooter and former student James Holmes's e-mail accounts. (They didn't release 1,200 others, deeming them privileged.) Most of the released e-mails are mass messages, though there are a few notes authored by Holmes. CU also released e-mails sent to Holmes on July 20, the day authorities say he opened fire at a midnight movie premiere. Read them below.

Holmes wrote the four e-mails below in 2011 and 2012.

E-mail from Holmes September 18, 2011
E-mail from Holmes November 2, 2011.
E-mail from Holmes December 17, 2011
E-mail from Holmes February 1, 2012

Continue reading for e-mails sent to Holmes on July 20.

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