James Holmes: Read e-mails written by him before shooting, e-mails sent to him after

Holmes is charged with opening fire at a sold-out midnight showing of The Dark Knight Rises. Our timeline of e-mails sent by CU faculty and staff on July 20 shows the university realized early that morning that the alleged shooter had been a graduate student there. Holmes was studying neuroscience, but he had begun the process of withdrawing from CU; prosecutors have said he wasn't doing well academically.

CU soon sent e-mails to all students, informing them of the situation. Holmes was included in those mailings -- and the messages were found in his inbox.

E-mail to Holmes July 20 8:04 a.m.
E-mail to Holmes July 20 11:33 a.m.
E-mail to Holmes July 20 3 p.m.

Continue reading for more e-mails sent to Holmes.

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