Kirsten Hamling apologizes for stealing from Children's Hospital Colorado charity

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Kirsten Hamling is sorry she stole more than $200,000 from a charity she started to raise money for Children's Hospital burn-unit victims. Her nonprofit group, Fired Up For Kids, collected money with an annual firefighters' calendar -- which got only positive attention until accusations surfaced that Hamling was pocketing donations inspired by hunky men (and a few women) posing for a good cause. Today, she was sentenced to ten years of probation and ninety days in jail.

We reported back in November that Hamling, 48, had resigned amid allegations that she had diverted or mismanaged funds earmarked for Children's Hospital.

At that point, there were accusations that some of the cash raised by her calendar sales were winding up in her personal account, and there were also questions about whether Fired Up For Kids actually had nonprofit status -- which could impact whether donations were tax-deductible.

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From the calendar Hamling used to raise money.
The Denver DA's office began investigating Hamling after receiving a complaint at the end of September 2011 alleging possible theft.

This past summer, Hamling was charged with theft and fraud over a whopping total of $243,399.22, based on the DA's lengthy investigation.

The hospital had collected a total of $170,389.47 from calendar sales between 2004 and 2010, but that sum was noticeably less than the total claimed by the Fired Up For Kids website, which had mentioned raising $400,000 for the facility. These details are outlined in the warrant, on view below.

Hamling pleaded guilty in September to one count of theft that encompassed all victims and their losses. In exchange for this plea, the other charges against her were dismissed. She appeared in Denver District Court today, the DA's office says, and was sentenced to ten years of Economic Crime Unit probation, ninety days in the Denver County Jail with work release, and restitution of $250,412.22.

Hamling had apparently used the money she stole for her own gain, including airline tickets, hair salon charges, car repairs and her children's private school tuition.

"She spoke to the court during the sentencing hearing today and apologized for what she had done," the DA's office says in a release announcing her sentencing.

"I've always wanted to do the right thing," Hamling told the judge, according to 9News. "I got in over my head. I've done a lot of things wrong. I've done a lot of things right. I cut some corners."

Hamling paid $105,000 in restitution today.

Continue for the original documents in the case and Hamling's mug shot.

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Throw the book at her while letting Ex-Sheriff, Patrick Sullivan WALK !

Where is our court's 'honor' ?

Really ???!!!

Chris Bastian
Chris Bastian

sick individual, the caption should say "how would you punish her"

Louis Lieb
Louis Lieb

You can't get much lower than stealing from charity.

Fred Kaplan
Fred Kaplan

Fraud occurs when egos grow and ethics are lost. Look at Tom Martin, who played loose with the rules, and is still doing commercials. Trust ethics are. Becoming what we the people tolerate.

Matt Leising
Matt Leising

She's sorry that she got caught. Nothing more, nothing less


@Matt Leising  Sick bragging rights ! How many can 'honestly' lay claim to getting their hands on nearly 1/4 million bucks ! Is she single ? I'm sight impaired . I could sure use some help w/ my 'Juan Needs a Leg' campaign !

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