Stoner, Colorado "mayor" claims harassment over plans to turn town into marijuana mecca

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McDonald shows off his garden.
According to McDonald, the situation came to a head in the past week or so, after our previous post and an article in the Durango Herald publicized his vision. He was arrested on warrants relating to two citations (one from late October, the other from early November) for driving without a seat belt -- because, he says, his kidney surgery prevented him from buckling. McDonald also says he ponied up for the tickets, yet he was jailed for an entire day before being released. Afterward, paperwork was found showing McDonald had indeed paid his fines -- although he maintains the authorities still thinks he owes $14 -- and the charges against him were dropped.

Who does McDonald blame for these matters? He names Mark Rodgers, a local business owner (he owns Shiloh Steakhouse in Cortez), a well-known conservative who sold him the property and still holds the note on it. McDonald believes Rodgers doesn't like his Stoner plans and is trying to force him out, using as pretext the fact that he's late on a payment that was due in mid-October, and calling in political favors with the sheriff's department to keep the pressure on.

Ridiculous, counters Rodgers. True, he did phone the sheriff's office about McDonald last week, but only because he feared the mayor was vandalizing the property himself and he wanted to protect his investment. "He had made statements to both neighbors that adjoin the property that he was going to burn the place down," Rodgers says. "And they'd also seen him busting out windows; he was mad and throwing stuff through them."

McDonald concedes that he was mad and yelled during a recent visit by deputies, but vehemently denies either vandalizing or burglarizing his own stuff.

As far as McDonald's plans for Stoner, Rodgers says he doesn't care what he does with the town as long as his acts within the confines of the law and keeps up with his payments -- and while he declines to go into detail about how late on the latter McDonald might be, he confirms that money is owed.

Continue for the latest developments in Stoner, Colorado.

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I would like to thank mike for your interest in my story and taking the time to research the facts and get both sides of the story.  I reported only the truth to law enforcement and it is unfortunate that there comments were not as such.  In Stoner Colorado We are honest in life and in business....

                                                                                                               ("Frank L. McDonald" Stoner Mayor)

Cognitive_Dissident topcommenter

I predicted this and was laughed at. The picture on the second page is what did it. Challenge law enforcement to a pissing contest, and they'll come at you with as much violence as they can get away with.

Denver Becca
Denver Becca

I lived in a small town where a recovering alcoholic father beat both his son and another kid, so severly they had to be hospitalized, for being high. Vandalism in rural Colorado that may be anti-marajuana? Towards an out-of-towner? Seems reasonable. Call in the FBI?

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