Stoner, Colorado "mayor" claims harassment over plans to turn town into marijuana mecca

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Stoner and music come together.
Montezuma County Sheriff Dennis Spruell echoes Rodgers's story. He says his personnel had no choice but to pick up McDonald on the outstanding warrants, since they were required to do so by law -- but he scoffs at the idea that the action had anything to do with harassment based on what he wants to do with Stoner.

On the topic of all those vandalism and burglary reports, Spruell confirms that McDonald has called many times, occasionally with bizarre stories -- like "dead bodies on the property and in the walls." (McDonald says some bones turned up by one of the buildings and in a batch of cement after one of the vandalism sprees.) However, subsequent investigations suggested that, in Spruell's words, McDonald had been "reporting untruths" -- an assertion that the mayor rejects, too.

Whatever the case, McDonald is free at this writing, and he's determined not to be run off.

"These guys aren't going to push me out of there," he says. "They have no clue who they're messing with. I'm ten feet tall and bulletproof." After a laugh, he revises this boast: "Okay, I'm five-five and dodge well. But I'm a fighter, and I haven't done anything wrong. And I'm not going anywhere."

He hopes Stoner will be open for business in the spring of 2013. If you're interested in investing, contact McDonald through his Facebook page.

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I would like to thank mike for your interest in my story and taking the time to research the facts and get both sides of the story.  I reported only the truth to law enforcement and it is unfortunate that there comments were not as such.  In Stoner Colorado We are honest in life and in business....

                                                                                                               ("Frank L. McDonald" Stoner Mayor)

Cognitive_Dissident topcommenter

I predicted this and was laughed at. The picture on the second page is what did it. Challenge law enforcement to a pissing contest, and they'll come at you with as much violence as they can get away with.

Denver Becca
Denver Becca

I lived in a small town where a recovering alcoholic father beat both his son and another kid, so severly they had to be hospitalized, for being high. Vandalism in rural Colorado that may be anti-marajuana? Towards an out-of-towner? Seems reasonable. Call in the FBI?

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