Medical marijuana dispensary review: Fox Street Wellness in Globeville

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Fox Street Wellness is in a Bermuda triangle of a location, just southeast of Sunnyside in a warehouse district cornered by I-25 on the east, 48th Avenue to the north and I-70 to the south. Unless you know the area well, you'll likely end up driving around in circles, cursing former city planners for creating such a clusterfuck.

Fox Street Wellness

4773 Fox Street
Denver, CO 80216

: 8:30 a.m. to 6 p.m. Monday through Saturday; Closed Sunday.
Raw marijuana price range: $25 to $40/eighth, $200 to $250/ounce. Non-members pay about $5 more per eighth, capped at $320/ounce.
Other types of medicine: Hash, wax, BHO shatter, minimal edibles.
Online menu: Yes.

Handicap-accessible:: Yes.

There aren't any signs on the building yet, but the security cameras over the door hint at the use of the otherwise nondescript building. Inside, Fox Street Wellness is clean and quaint. It's also new. A manager I spoke with said the center opened in April, and was one of the very last dispensaries to do so. "We wanted to make sure we were up to code and met all the requirements," he explained. They converted the front of the building into a small but functional dispensary, tiling the floors and painting the walls a blend of earthy greens, tans and blues. Against those walls are color and black-and-white Colorado nature pics shot by local photogs, which hang from thin metal cables strung from the ceiling.

The simplicity flows through to the sparse but welcoming bud bar.

fox street bud bar.jpg
A dark-stained wood and black metal counter is in front of the the west wall, with all thirteen strains stacked in tall jars along the top, prices increasing from left to right. There's some artwork on the walls, but otherwise the room is left wide-open. It made me realize how much crap -- pipes, shirts -- other dispensaries put out for sale to patients, and how nice an uncluttered space can be.

To the right of the herb jars is a simple display of the few edibles at Fox Street, including Blue Kudu and Cheeba Chews. The dispensary also has a small display with grams of its bubble hash, butane wax and strain-specific shatter hash. The latter two sell for $30 a gram, while bubble hash goes for $25. The shatter, processed by Sacred Seed Pharms, looked well made, with a dark caramelized sugar color; the wax and bubble hash had more of a generic warehouse appearance.

The strains range in price from $25 to $40; high-yielders get put on the low-price tier, while low-yielders like Mob Boss stay up around the $40 range per eighth. Ounce prices are capped at $250 for members, and get up to about $320 per ounce for non-members. (Non-members get member pricing for the first thirty days after their initial visit.)

Fox Stree Lambs Bread.JPG
Lamb's Bread from Fox Street Wellness.
My budtender was a woman who knew a lot about the strains she was selling. I told her that I prefer more uplifting sativas, and she zeroed in on a handful of her favorites, while encouraging me to check out the entire stock --including a jar of impressive pink Strawberry Cough buds, and another with golf ball-shaped Blue Dream nuggets.

Most of the thirteen strains looked like they were grown really well, with healthy fat buds that were fully developed and clearly harvested at the right time. The buds also looked like they had been dried and cured well at some point, but then someone put humidipacks in the jars to add moisture. As a result, the strains had a similar wet-cardboard smell, rather than anything distinct. A manager I spoke with said the center is testing the humidipacks, but so far they really like how the moisture content stays constant.

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Fox Street Wellness

4773 Fox St., Denver, CO

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