Mike MacIntyre, new CU Buffs coach: Fresh new face or second coming of Dan Hawkins?

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dan hawkins mug shot.jpg
Dan Hawkins.
Personality-wise, MacIntyre seems to have a lot in common with Hawkins, too -- especially when it comes to their fiery demeanor. While we've been unable to find any recordings of MacIntyre to rival Hawk's famous rant about intermurals, he was disciplined by the WAC last season for coming onto the field to argue the spot of the ball during the closing minutes of a 17-14 loss to Nevada (another escapee from the conference). In a press release, San Jose State's athletic director said, "Mike MacIntyre's actions on the field in the final moments of our game last Saturday were unacceptable. Regardless of the circumstances connected with the game, it is paramount that our coaches and players exhibit the highest possible forms of sportsmanship."

MacIntyre's mea culpa? "I realize my actions at the end of our game with Nevada last Saturday were unsportsmanlike. Clearly, what happened was outside the scope of what I want for the San Jose State football program, the athletics department, the university and our fans. I want to offer this public apology and vow that nothing like this will happen again."

CU fans would probably forgive such behavior if it led to a few more Ws.

Thus far, MacIntyre has avoided major missteps in Colorado. Even if he engaged in familiar coach-speak during his introductory press conference this week (for instance, he said he preferred the word "perseverance" to "patience"), he sounded confident and driven -- two characteristics the Buffs could use right now. What they don't need, though, is Dan Hawkins II. Let's hope Bohn hired someone entirely different -- because if he didn't, the AD will join MacIntyre on the road out of town a few years from now.

Here's the aforementioned press conference, courtesy of CUBuffs.com.

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Wendy McCallum
Wendy McCallum

Hey, I just learned last week that Embree was black and supposedly I should be upset about it because he was black. I was just pissed because he was a bad coach. MacIntryre seems to be a decent but also white so I am not sure how I should feel until the media tells me how to feel..........

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