Cameron Washington, accused sex assaulter, busted for creating metro's riskiest block

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cameron washington mug shot small.jpg
Big photo below.
Update: Earlier this week, we wondered if the area near the intersection of South Chambers Road and East Ohio Avenue in Aurora was the most dangerous block in the metro area owing to a pair of sexual assaults and one sex-assault attempt there within about a week. The answer now appears to be "no," presuming the cops have arrested the right man, Cameron Washington, for the crime. And DNA evidence says they have. Details below.

As we reported in previous coverage on view below, the first assault in the area took place on Thanksgiving Day, the second on November 28 (six days later) and the third on November 30

aurora sex assault scene 12 5 2012.jpg
This home was reportedly the scene of one attack.
Each attack or assault try took place during the early morning hours and involved the "illegal entry" of the residences in question. All of the victims were sleeping when the man entered their homes, with him mentioning a weapon on at least two occasions. But none of the women were able to get a good look at him. Hence, descriptions varied from a skinny Hispanic to a light-skinned African-American -- and one person mentioned the possibility of corn-rowed hair.

Fortunately, DNA doesn't require an eyewitness -- and that's what members of the Aurora Police Department say broke the case. According to the APD, several pieces of evidence from crime scenes were hand-delivered to the Colorado Bureau of Investigations on Friday, with agents there working over the weekend to test them -- and on Monday, one of them scored a hit with Washington, thirty, whose DNA was on file thanks to a prior felony conviction. The Denver Post reports that he pleaded guilty to burglary in Arapahoe County circa 2008, adding to a record that included a couple of trespassing charges, including one in Aurora this past February.

Within hours, Washington was busted in his Denver home. He's currently stewing in Arapahoe County Jail on suspicion of first-degree sexual assault, first-degree burglary, felony menacing and theft.

No word as to why Washington decided to concentrate his crimes on a single block during such a tight time frame. But the APD decided to release his mug shot in case other victims recognize him -- and to reassure the folks who live near Chambers and Ohio that their block is not nearly as dangerous as it was just days earlier.

Look below to see a Channel 2 package about the arrest, as well as a larger look at Washington's mug shot. That's followed by our earlier coverage.

cameron washington mug shot.jpg
Cameron Washington.
Continue to read our earlier reports about the Aurora attacks, including an interactive graphic.

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Chris Estus

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