Photos: Twenty most memorable mug shots of November 2012

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Big photos below.
Each year, we collect the most memorable images from the previous twelve months -- and when we start rolling out those posts, expect to see shots from November among them.

Look below to see the shots that caught our eye over the past few weeks, and be sure to click on the names or accompanying links to check out our original coverage.

michael burnette mug shot.jpg
Michael Burnette.
Read more in "Michael Burnette allegedly slit wife's throat after she threw a walker at him (48)."

james w faber.jpg
James W. Faber.
Read more in "James W. Faber, alleged fraud fighter, indicted for $2 million worth of fraud."

luke buchanan mug shot large.jpg
Luke Buchanan.
Read more in "Luke Buchanan, alleged Obama campaign schmuck, busted after reported breast groping."

marvin rosario lopez mug shot.jpg
Marvin Rosario-Lopez.
Read more in "Marvin Joel Rosario-Lopez busted for 11th and Lincoln murder, victim Roland Smith ID'd (50)."

Continue for more of November's top twenty mug shots.

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Try using glamor shots of the incarcerated .

How else are they supposed to land 'pen-pals' ?


Why don't you guys format these pages so that you can load the whole thing in one page? As oppossed to having to click through 5 pages?

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