Photos: Twenty most memorable mug shots of November 2012

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mefe cruz berula mug shot.jpg
Mafe Cruz-Berula.
Read more in "Mafe Cruz-Berula busted for child sex assault and more after four young girls go missing."

alfred flores mug shot.jpg
Alfred Flores.
Read more in "Alfred Flores's chewing gum leads to bust for head-shot murder of Manuel Martinez."

christina drummond mug shot.jpg
Christina Drummond.
Read more in "Joseph Nieto and Christina Drummond in lockup for "Bonnie and Clyde" bank robberies."

maria carillo mug shot.jpg
Maria Carrillo.
Read more in "Maria Carrillo joins her husband in jail on racketeering charges for real estate scam."

Continue for more of November's top twenty mug shots.


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Try using glamor shots of the incarcerated .

How else are they supposed to land 'pen-pals' ?


Why don't you guys format these pages so that you can load the whole thing in one page? As oppossed to having to click through 5 pages?

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