Photos: Twenty most memorable mug shots of November 2012

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robert bruce mug shot large.jpg
Robert Bruce.
Read more in "Robert Bruce, serial rapist and schmuck, has bride asking, Who the [Bleep] Did I Marry?"

joe anthony ruiz mug shot.jpg
Joe Anthony Ruiz.
Read more in "James Davies, Lakewood police friendly fire victim: Details on funeral, two suspects' release."

larry gomez mug shot.JPG
Larry Gomez.
Read more in "Larry Gomez denies shooting at officers, says cops 'beat the dog sh*t out of me.'"

richard johnson mug shots.JPG
Richard Johnson.
Read more in "Richard Johnson, ex-Highlands Ranch teacher and coach: Thirty child sex assault counts."

Continue for more of November's top twenty mug shots.

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Try using glamor shots of the incarcerated .

How else are they supposed to land 'pen-pals' ?


Why don't you guys format these pages so that you can load the whole thing in one page? As oppossed to having to click through 5 pages?

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