Photos: Twenty most memorable mug shots of November 2012

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susan cole mug shot.jpg
Susan Cole.
Read more in "Susan Cole sentenced for schmucky scheme to skip jury duty she bragged about on the radio."

steven unruh mug shot large.jpg
Steven Unruh.
Read more in "James Holmes: Inmate's strange tale of 'confession' and suicide efforts."

nate vernon fischer mug shot.jpg
Nate Vernon Fischer.
Read more in "Howard Adler ID'd as victim in Wheat Ridge ambush stabbing, Nate Fischer busted (51)."

christopher perea mug shot.jpg
Christopher Perea.
Read more in "Did Denver police delay give Christopher Perea time to kill Loretta Barela? (52)"

Continue for more of November's top twenty mug shots.


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Try using glamor shots of the incarcerated .

How else are they supposed to land 'pen-pals' ?


Why don't you guys format these pages so that you can load the whole thing in one page? As oppossed to having to click through 5 pages?

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