Photos: Twenty most memorable mug shots of November 2012

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Hector Alvarez Martinon mug shot.jpg
Hector Alvarez-Martinon.
Read more in "Francisco Moran IDs Hector Alvarez-Martinon as his killer while losing consciousness (53)."

kelli murphy mug shot.jpg
Kelli Lynn Murphy.
Read more in "Kelli Lynn Murphy found guilty of killing her two kids on dead son's eleventh birthday."

austin sigg mug shot 2.jpg
Austin Reed Sigg.
Read more in "Austin Sigg, Jessica Ridgeway's accused killer: New mug shot, new cell -- in adult jail."

Thumbnail image for marcel maldonado mug shot.jpg
Marcel Maldonado.
Read more in "Marcel Maldonado, schmucky car thief, escapes from cops, then gets busted sitting in driveway."

More from our Mug Shots archive: "Twenty most memorable mug shots of October 2012."


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Try using glamor shots of the incarcerated .

How else are they supposed to land 'pen-pals' ?


Why don't you guys format these pages so that you can load the whole thing in one page? As oppossed to having to click through 5 pages?

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