New Year's Eve: What the town's cultural tastemakers are doing tonight

Keith Garcia, programming manager for the Sie FilmCenter:

I never do anything; I'm not a party person. I don't really like the countdown thing. But someday, if I end up in a relationship, I will happily become a New Year's party person. But from the last few years of being single on New Year's -- it sucks to watch everyone else be like, "baby, I love you! Mwah." Good for you, but, unless you're going to share your boyfriend with me, please don't do that in front of me. (Laughs.)

But I have a friend who's working a concert and I might go to that. But I don't know -- I tend to hate all the bands that get New Year's Eve play, locally. (Laughs.) And I have plenty of TV on DVD that I need to watch, so New Year's is a good night to bust through a season.

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