Videos: Peyton Manning, Broncos prove Joe Flacco, Ravens aren't elite

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Chris Harris.
As the first half was drawing to a close, the Ravens managed to get within spitting distance of the Broncos' end zone, with the biggest success of the drive coming courtesy of a 43 yarder from Flacco to Jacoby Jones. But then, Big Joe's presumed touchdown strike to Anquan Boldin wound up in the hands of Chris Harris, who carried the ball 98 yards the other direction.

The last man Harris beat was Flacco, who wound up face down in the turf -- a fitting image given how the remainder of the contest went.

Armed with a seventeen-point advantage, Manning went to work in the third quarter, taking advantage of adjustments to manufacture two lightning-quick drives for touchdowns, with Eric Decker and Moreno getting the glory, respectively. At that point, the dye was cast, with the Broncos' defense allowing a couple garbage-time touchdowns while playing out the string. The last of these, during which Derek Pitta played dodge-Denver for a 61-yard score, would have thrilled the Ravens faithful had more than a handful of them been left in the stadium.

Equally good news: Last night, the San Francisco 49ers bested the New England Patriots, putting Denver in the number two playoffs position. Now, all the Broncos have to do is beat their last two opponents, Cleveland and Kansas City, in order to guarantee a first-round bye and home field advantage unless they meet the Houston Texans in the AFC championship game.

Contrary to popular belief, and history, Cleveland isn't a joke right now, so that game is no gimme. But the Broncos are playing the Browns (and the Chiefs) at home, and Manning's legendary intensity should insure that his teammates don't let up against lesser opponents. And even if the Ravens weren't as fearsome as they seemed earlier in the season, Denver's ninth straight W remained a mighty sweet treat.

Look below to see five videos -- an interview with Manning, Peyton's post-game press conference, a weird animated video by a disappointed Ravens fan, Baltimore's Ed Reed admitting to frustration and an ESPN analysis.

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Roberts, I remain nervous entering postseason on this kind of winning streak .

I'd like to drop one of the remaining two,  STRICTLY for adjustments .

We are among the three top AFC teams . Both Houston & New England, the other two, have beaten us and did so decisively . I haven't a doubt Denver will win another championship w/ Manning behind center .

1st year w/ the team, following a season off recuperating from neck surgery, I can't see it happening so quickly . Sometimes I'm wrong . I certainly was w/ Moreno !

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