Reader: It's not easy to remove the stain of racial and ethnic hatred

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The holidays have not been so happy in Colorado Springs, where recent acts of vandalism included a car on the south end of town covered with the large, spraypainted message message "I hate black people!"

The city's graffiti-abatement team cleaned the car; the police are still looking for the culprit, Sam Levin reports.

But catching this particular perp and cleaning a car are just whitewash on an ugly problem.

Comments Cognitive_Dissident:

I'm glad the graffiti was successfully removed. I wish it was as easy to remove the stain racial and ethnic hatred has left on this nation.

Well said.

From our archives: "Target Practice: Racism and Police Shootings Are No Game."

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DonkeyHotay topcommenter

The U$A was founded upon Ethic and Racial prejudice, hatred and bigotry.


This appears to be an isolated incident which could very well mean it was personal . Done by someone pissed at the car owner for something other than an ethnic issue, and HATE was applied for an added effect .

Aryan Brothers aren't KNOWN for 'tagging' as is w/ the Mexican & black gangs . They feed on total destruction and the car was FAR from being destroyed !

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