Reader: Ryan Call's take on Amendment 64 mixes state's rights with following the feds

Ryan Call.
Sam Levin's interview with Colorado Republican chair Ryan Call about Amendment 64 got our commenters going in a big way.

Here's a post by a reader who saw contradictions in Call's views about the state's ability to set its own rules on cannabis.

hockeyfrog27 writes:

Ryan Call touts the "value in having the states"..."be laboratories of experiment," only to say later any problem with pot legalization "has to be resolved at the federal level." I never cease to be amazed by Ryan Call's talent to speak on for minutes at a time while still saying nearly nothing. We need a Republican state chairman in Colorado who can articulate his views precisely and who values the Constitution, especially 10th Amendment rights.

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Cognitive_Dissident topcommenter

Hah! I made a similar comment, and noticed additionally that he ALSO mixed in a little LOCAL flavor, basically, he individually said it should be handled at each level. It's a good thing he's not a PROPONENT, or they'd be citing pot as a cause of brain damage.


He had to lie cheat and steal to even get his job because a 20 year old Libertarian kid was more popular. 


@Cognitive_Dissident, yes, I noticed that, and your comment, and I applaud you for pointing it out.  I, however, was going for brevity because it's been my experience shorter comments more often get read. 

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