Scott Gessler didn't do enough to stop voter fraud, say critics at Arapahoe County event

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Pre-election news coverage about Secretary of State Scott Gessler often focused on his efforts to weed out non-citizen voters and prevent fraud through an initiative some activists called a wild goose chase. But at an event in Arapahoe County, where Gessler invited public feedback, most took the opposite stance: Election officials haven't done enough to prevent fraud, which, the voters said, was out of control on November 6.

These public comments were made at a stop in Centennial -- part of Gessler's "election integrity listening tour," in which the Secretary of State and his staff are holding open hearings throughout the state at which anyone from the public can offer their thoughts directly to the state's chief election officer.

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Sam Levin
A commenter in Arapahoe County addresses Scott Gessler.
Yesterday morning, Gessler stopped in Boulder, where a lot of the discussion involved ongoing confusion surrounding the uncertified results there, before spending the afternoon at the South Metro Chamber of Commerce in Arapahoe County at an event attended by about thirty people.

At that second gathering, several individuals criticized Gessler for making it harder for people to vote, with one individual lamenting a controversial rule by which permanent mail-in voters become "inactive" and don't get sent ballots if they miss an election.

But a large majority of the public commenters expressed concerns relating to fraud, complaining about fishy activities they said they saw on election day, as well as the perceived lack of punishment and consequences for those who commit voter fraud.

The tone at the event made it clear that while Gessler has faced a lot of pressure to back off his efforts to eliminate non-citizen voters -- a project that critics say intimidates legal voters -- there's also a constituency that would like to see him and other election officials do a whole lot more to stop fraud, and identify and punish those who commit it.

The debate around immigrants illegally voting -- with Gessler saying he is trying to clean up the voter rolls and his opponents arguing that the potential for non-citizen votes is extremely limited -- was only one topic mentioned at the hearing.

"If you're not American, you shouldn't vote," said Aurora's Steven Haworth during the public comment period. "I think you need to purge those voters."

Haworth said he was a precinct leader and made calls in support of Mitt Romney -- and he encountered registered voters who he said told him they were not citizens.

In regard to voters who have become "inactive" because they didn't vote last election, he added, "If you're not willing enough to make sure your election status is active...then you should be purged."

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Sam Levin
Scott Gessler at the Boulder hearing yesterday morning.
Gessler also heard a lot of questions about mail-in ballots potentially being intercepted, with some worrying about individuals they observed dropping off piles of mail ballots in bulk -- a red flag for fraud, they say. Several also raised questions about busloads of people going to polling sites, suggesting that tactics could be helping people to vote twice or clog up lines at vote centers to stop legitimate voters.

Continue for more comments from the Scott Gessler event.

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@Cecil  WOW, Cecil, were you there?   I was.  And I didn't see any "quivering" suburbanites parroting FOX News or any other source.  

What I saw was people who were relating real information that they had seen and experienced themselves.  Including the Chairman of the Arapahoe County Republican Party, several liberty activists and myself.  There were even a few democrats and obvious Obama supporters.  I saw and heard nothing about ACORN and not one word was uttered aloud about a stolen election...not one!  Not one person mentioned FOX News, NBC, CNN or any other news organization. 

I personally related my experiences of having spoken to REAL people, from the registered voter data-base, on the phone, during the election campaign, who told me they were not citizens.  I spoke with many people who told me that their relative, a voter from the Colorado registered voter data-base, was no longer a Colorado resident, or was deceased, and some of these exceeded 10 years.  Many of the people who spoke in Littleton, I know personally, and not one of them blamed ACORN.  And I assure you, the several people that spoke there that I know, myself included, would give the same testimony under oath in a court of law, if needed.  

Voter fraud in Colorado exists, it is real, and intimidation occurred during this last election.  Denial of this fact is absurd.  

The Colorado voter data-base needs to be purged to remove voters who are deceased, have moved out of state, who have moved to a different location in the state but who unintentionally ended up registered two or more times and non-citizens.   While I don't believe that all of the people who fall into the categories I have listed are guilty of voter fraud, the simple fact that their names remain on the Colorado voter roles and in the data-base leads to the potential for fraud, even if outside of the knowledge of the registered voter.


Hmmm..why, it's almost like these quivering suburbanites areparroting the things they hear on talk radio and FOX! Why, I never!

Since *actual* voter fraud is so miniscule as to be completely irrelevant,it's more important to construct a series of fear-based (and uniformlybrown-skinned) strawmen. Like that recent poll which showed nearly halfof the Republican electorate holding fast to the belief that ACORN stolethe election, despite the inconvenience of its non-existence.

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