Fifteen most memorable senior-citizen mug shots of 2012

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Big photos below.
When we assemble our various mug shot roundups each year, trends emerge. Last year, for example, there were a slew of baby-face booking photos. This year, in contrast, there were an unusual number of mugs featuring guys who would probably (or definitely, in many cases) qualify for the senior discount at Denny's. Check them out below, and be sure to click on the names or the links below to see our original coverage.

david grosse mug shots.jpg
David Grosse.
Read more in "David Grosse, retired Air Force chaplain, suspected of multiple sex assaults."

paul staffin mug shot.jpg
Paul Staffin.
Read more in "Paul Staffin allegedly pulled pellet gun on kid playing tag: Get off my lawn!"

stephan mitchell mug shot.jpg
Stephan Mitchell.
Read more in "Stephan Mitchell wants reward for finding lost cell phone, gets arrested instead."

Continue to keep counting down our fifteen most memorable senior-citizen mug shots of 2012.

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