Reader: Something stinks when RiNo tweeters covet scentometers

Kasel factory.
Neighbors are raising a stink over smells that they say emanate from a dog-snack factory that moved into the River North neighborhood -- now the hot-hot RiNo -- long before most of them did. This past spring, the city issued an odor citation to Kasel Associates Industries -- but the company's owner is raising a stink of his own.

The smelly saga inspired this poetic response from suethebastards:

As the Silver-Square dwellers set up their Christmas gear
Ray Kasel's across the street, cooking a batch of fresh ear

Christmas is near and gifts require imagination
This year's been rough, cause the lofts smell like bacon

Denver has an appetite and hungry for some tax
The developments approved, oh-yes...fresh green-backs

Historic factories built into lofts like new
With rail-yards nearby, what an impressive view

With the upcoming lawsuit and all that worry
The evidence smells good but not to the jury

And what about that clever gift fit for a friend?
Perhaps a wind sock located way downwind

A little something special for those RiNo tweeters
The hottest new gadget this year, "scentometers"

With the notion of Santa, and all his reindeer
Undergo a whiff, of flame broiled ear?

Read Melanie Asmar's cover story about the big stink in RiNo, as well as many more comments, here.

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