Video: Stephen Colbert rips CU students who haven't signed up to live in "gun dorm"

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Video below.
From the "In case you missed it" file: On Thursday's hilarious "Tip of the Hat, Wag of the Finger" segment, viewable below, The Colbert Report's Stephen Colbert weighed in on the fact that no students have signed up to live in CU-Boulder housing that allows guns -- a story our Sam Levin first reported in August. Of course, Colbert is critical of this situation, reminding enrollees that college is "time to get crazy: do shots, take shots, get shot."

But a wag of the finger for Colbert's reference to "U of C students." It's CU, pal -- or CU later.

Here's the video. The CU guns item is the second in the clip.

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Id wager donuts to dollars that viewers had a good laugh at this comment of his which is a reckless and haphazard misfire . I hope those that view Colbert's program wag their finger at him for intentionally making a pun at a time when the social climate in CO runs cold to hot rapidly regarding ownership of weapons. Surely, Colbert and his writers could have found something else to be witty about. Colbert says he is strong supporter of the Second Amendment. A gun should not be drawn unless there is intent to use it. A gun is not for threatening purposes nor is any subject matter regarding firearms something to joke about. ever. Also, why on earth would only one building be designated for gun owners, that just lets the criminals know not to mess with that building! or to go to that building to be robbed!

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