The odor-related lawsuit continues between RiNo neighbors and the Kasel pet-treat factory

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Kasel's Response to Sharon Brown's Motion to Dismiss
Kasel's Response to City of Denver's Motion to Dismiss
Sharon Brown's Response to Kasel's Response to her Motion to Dismiss
City of Denver's Response to Kasel's Response to its Motion to Dismiss

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Sorry, but-- moving next to a pet treat factory and then bitching about
it is pretty moronic. It just goes to show how entitlement-minded the
douchebags who moved into the Rino district are. People who pay
ridiculously inflated rates to live in over-glorified apartments are
just that- douchebags. Douchebags who ruin it for everybody else. GTFO and stop ruining the area with incredibly ugly, overpriced pieces of bland architecture that house bland & ugly yuppies.


@teardownyourloftYou are grossly misinformed.  Silver Square residents bought for cheap years ago and before Kasel Factory was making "dog treats" that have been found to be contaminated with salmonella (google that). They were manufacturing non-odor producing industry when residents moved in then switched manufacturing later on. Doubtful you would enjoy a factory spewing out vile odors of dead animal parts after you had already been living in your residence. 

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