Tom Martino apologizes (sort of) to "waste of skin" ex-pal after lawsuit dismissed

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An earlier publicity photo of Tom Martino.
When asked for his response to the judge's decision, Martino e-mailed the following statement:
This should have never risen to the level of a lawsuit. It was simply a disagreement between people. Sheldon sued me out of anger because I discovered he was a two-faced friend and called him out on it. However, I took the wrong approach. I should not have written such a mean-spirited letter. It was childish and wrong. It obviously hurt his feelings and I am sorry for that. I harbor no resentment and will not be seeking legal fees.
When contacted about this development, Chrysler shared an e-mail sent to him by Martino under the subject line "YOUR LAWSUIT WAS DISMISSED." It reads:

I am attaching the Court Order dismissing your lawsuit against me.

I want you to know that I harbor no resentment toward you nor will I be seeking legal fees. The matter is closed. I also forgive you of any loans I have given you in the past.

Going forward, it is my true desire that you come to grips with your past failures and work toward taking responsibility for your actions. As I have said in the past, you should not have kept refinancing your real estate to a point of "no return." It was a warning I gave to you many times.

I also warned you about losing your home. I recommended year ago that you try to do a reverse mortgage or take other steps to address an future crisis. Unfortunately, you chose to blame me and others for all of your problems.

It is only through true self-examination that one can improve their lives.

I apologize for writing that nasty e-mail to you. Even though, at the time, I thought I was justified -- it was wrong.


Tom Martino

Here's Chrysler's e-mail reaction to the personal note:
Matino states in his e-mail letter to me that he forgives me for any loans. Fact is, any and all loans made to me by Martino were repaid! Verifiable.

Martino also states that he'd warned me about taking out loans on my property, and to do a reverse mortgage on my house.

Yes, this is true. He did warn me about it. However, you see, I had no choice. I'd asked Martino to help me to get gainful employment, and he did not. So, what's left? Wouldn't I need employment anyway just to survive and pay bills? How does Martino do it? I don't need Martino's help to fail. I need it to succeed! It's called "Income."

The money I'd borrowed on my property I'd used for burying my twin brother, doing his estate that come to about $100,000, make upgrades, and comply with EPA standards for my commercial building that come to about $50,000 +. I wasn't receiving any help from Martino or anyone else, so what choice am I left with except to borrow money?
More generally, Chrysler adds:
Unfortunately, bad people get rewarded with the best things in life, while others suffer the consequences of the ill deeds of these bad people.

I lost most everything because of people similar to Martino and his "Money buddies." I have to vacate the house that I've lived in for over fifty years by the end of this month. Where am I going to go? I have an option to buy back the house. However, I have no way to get the word out to advertise the house to people who'd be interested on buying it.
Those interested in contacting Chrysler in regard to the house can reach him at 303-355-4872 or

Here's Judge Elliff's order.

Tom Martino Sheldon Chrysler Judgment

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Looks like a battle between semi-literate retards who failed grade school English grammar.


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