Tom Martino apologizes (sort of) to "waste of skin" ex-pal after lawsuit dismissed

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Tom Martino pitching a product called Efusjon.
Far from apologizing for such invective, Martino penned a blog post entitled "The Truth About Sheldon Chrysler," which can be read in its entirety below. In it, Martino stressed that the communication Chrysler cites was private in nature -- a fact that makes the suit a long shot.

Nonetheless, Chrysler says he and Martino, who were previously scheduled to meet about the suit on October 15, are now expected to face off at 8:30 a.m. on December 17 in Denver District Court, with Judge J. Eric Eliff presiding. But even before that date rolls around, Chrysler has plenty of challenges ahead of him. According to him, "I lost my house to foreclosure. The investors who'd bought the house are renting it to me up until next month. Then I need to vacate the house I've lived in for about 58 years.

"My rent is being paid by the military veterans association, since I'm broke," he adds.

The investors have given Chrysler the option to buy back the house, and he notes that "I have great friends who've been helping me with money for food and other essentials." However, he's "placed ads in Craigslist to try to find an attorney who'd help me on my cases against Martino and Kane on a contingency basis. No luck. I haven't received any calls at all."

Look below to see Chrysler's complaint against Martino, followed by Martino's aforementioned blog post about the suit.

Sheldon Chrysler Complaint Against Tom Martino

Friday, March 09, 2012

By now you may of heard that Sheldon Chrysler is suing me for "inflicting emotion distress" on him. In fact, he wrote a "news release" about it and delivered it to all the major media outlets in Denver. He is taking this action because I sent him scathing e-mails. And by the way, I do not regret the e-mails I sent him. In fact, under the same circumstances, I'd probably do it again. But the story between Sheldon and me goes much deeper than e-mails. The story between Sheldon and me is about a friend (me) who tried to help someone (Sheldon) over a 30-year period and was ultimately "thrown under the bus."

First there is the issue of "free speech." My e-mails to him were private. I wrote them in anger. Have you ever been angry with a friend? Have you ever had harsh words for each other? Well, Sheldon would have you believe that he deserves monetary damages for my opinions. That is a frightening thought. Can you imagine how many lawsuits there would be clogging the courts if Sheldon had his way?

This was a private argument.

But since Mr. Chrysler has made our dispute public, I feel compelled to tell the whole story.

I first met Sheldon Chrysler around 30-years ago through his brother Barry. Barry was a pilot and we did some business together buying and selling aircraft parts.

At the time I met Sheldon he was unemployed. In fact he has been unemployed most of the 30-years I knew him. He lived with his parents until they died, then he lived alone while his brother Barry helped support him. Many years ago his brother grew tired of helping Sheldon. Barry told me on more than one occasion that he wished Sheldon would take care of himself. This friction eventually erupted into a full-scale family feud and Barry disowned his brother. He told me he wanted nothing more to do with him.

Tragically, that dispute, that rift, that chasm lasted until Barry passed away suddenly from a heart attack. Sheldon could not forgive himself. He often spoke about his brother. In fact, if you met Sheldon for the first time, within minutes you would hear the story of love and lament over and over again. It was obvious he that Barry died while they were still estranged. Sheldon's grief lead him to write a book about their life together as twins.

During the time I've known Sheldon he hardly ever worked. He blamed everyone else for his problems. And when he did find a job, he did not keep it for long. I tried to help him through the years by paying for his counseling (I actually sent him to my psychiatrist) and I gave him thousands of dollars along the way.

By the way, I am not the only one who gave him or loaned him money. Through the years many of his friends did the same thing. Why? Because we felt sorry for him. He seemed like a lonely soul. He seemed perpetually unhappy.

But Sheldon had a dark side....a side that blamed others for his trouble. He would often tell me that he resented people with money because they never helped others. He would often complain that his friends were not helping him enough. Sometimes he would become bitter about it. Often I had to remind him that no one owed him anything. I would try to encourage him to stand on his own two feet and tackle life head on.

A common theme in our friendship was Sheldon feeling down and I trying to encourage him. Sheldon was a frequent visitor in our home and we tried to include him in holiday celebrations when we knew he would otherwise be alone.

One of the biggest rifts we had was when I told him he was headed for financial disaster. You see, he inherited his home, his brother's home and a commercial building by his family. And over the years he took out loans on those properties to live on. Then when the loans were coming due, he'd refinance them to pay off the old loans and pull out more cash.

I told him this trend would eventually lead to him losing everything. I told him that he couldn't just keep borrowing on equity because the equity eventually runs out. Unfortunately, he did not listen.

In a desperate attempt to keep his commercial building he entered into a very high-interest, predatory loan. I warned him not to do it. Unfortunately, that was the last loan he would take on that building. He was unable to pay the loan back and he lost the building. He is also losing his brother's home and the home he lives in. He hasn't made payments in years.

Shortly after losing his building, things got really strange between us. For some reason Sheldon started fixating on me and blaming me for his financial trouble. He said I had money and could've prevented his financial ruin. He almost stalked me...e-mailing and calling daily complaining that I am not helping him. I even started hearing from friends and neighbors who told me he was saying bad things about me.

Then one day last year, Sheldon called me to say he was going to go public and he was going to expose me. He wanted me to pay him $150,000, or he said he would ruin me. That's when I told him to leave me alone. I told him I never wanted to hear from him again...and I did it in very colorful language.

In a last ditch effort to further cause me damage he continually called the Trustee in my bankruptcy case to say that he wanted to expose me for fraud. The trustee told me about the calls and said he concluded that there was no merit to his claims.

That is when I lost it! I could not believe that he could be so vindictive to someone that has helped him so much through the years. Once again, I wrote to him to tell him to stay out of my life and once again it was in very colorful language. Obviously, the e-mails were meant to be private. Our dispute was meant to be private. I simply wanted him to leave my family and me alone!

Now I find he is suing me. In his lawsuit he blames me for his unemployment and his isolation. Yet, he has not worked a steady job in nearly 30-years. He blames me for his pitiful life. And he personally delivered the accusations to all of the Denver media outlets. By the way, I am not the only person Sheldon Chrysler has sued. He has sued his own family members and he has sued others for perceived wrongs. I truly pity Sheldon Chrysler. But I am not the source of his woes.

I wish he had kept our dispute private.

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