Thirty most memorable mug shots -- and most shocking crimes -- of 2012

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Big photos below.
As we all know, Colorado has been shaken by some extraordinarily startling crimes in 2012 -- and they're reflected in the mug shots that accompanied our coverage of these stories. Below, we've assembled the images associated with the best known among them, as well as other tales that give us just as much reason to anticipate 2013. Count them down below, and click on the names or the links to see our original coverage.

jerod reeves mug shot.jpg
Jerod Reeves.
Read more in "Jerod Reeves admits to sawing fingers off dead shooter in murder-suicide to get gun."

Kevin Michael McGregor mug shot.JPG
Kevin McGregor.
Read more in "Kevin McGregor gets life without parole in murder of Todd Walker."

brian douglas trumble mug shot.jpg
Brian Trumble.
Read more in "Brian Trumble, music teacher, allegedly waited years before starting to molest student."

Hassan Mayo mug shot.jpg
Hassan Mayo.
Read more in "Hassan Mayo allegedly sold woman to another pimp for $400."

vincent groves mug shot.jpg
Vincent Groves.
Read more in "Vincent Groves may have slain 24 women: Colorado's most prolific serial killer?"

Continue to see more of 2012's thirty most memorable mug shots -- and most shocking crimes.

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Molly McCowan
Molly McCowan

Westword, I think that in light of the recent killings and other terrible crimes that have happened in Colorado, whoever keeps writing about the criminals, the motives, the attacks, the morbid details, etc. should be ashamed. We should be focusing on the victims of the crimes, or how Colorado or the U.S. in general can mitigate these crimes. Every other link from you has another mug shot, another name of a criminal. You are nothing but a machine churning out harmful information to make the wheels go round until another killer makes his "mark" so you can make another $1. I used to be a fan of your magazine for the music and arts content, but your Facebook feed is socially irresponsible and repulsive. I, like a lot of other people, judging from previous comments on posts about James Holmes, have had enough, and won't continue to follow you on Facebook.

Drew Hunt
Drew Hunt

Until we as a nation start to talk about Mental Health and Gun Control there is just going to be more brutality next year.

Jeff Lignon
Jeff Lignon

The constant barrage of images of these assclowns makes it more difficult. How about posting pics of victims - we would much rather remember them.

Shannon Reed
Shannon Reed

Aww - come on Westword - how about a list of feel-good stories instead? Enough of the bad stuff already.

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