Denver Nugget Kenneth Faried pukes into a towel on television during last night's game

kenneth faried pukes in a towel 130x130.jpg
Video below.
Attention, everybody. It is flu season. Know how we can tell? Because during last night's game against the San Antonio Spurs, Nugget Kenneth Faried -- the Manimal, if you will -- puked into a towel while sitting on the bench. But that didn't stop the dude from scoring nineteen points to help the Nuggets best the Spurs. Don't be embarrassed, Manimal. When it comes to vomiting on television, you're in good company. Watch the video below.

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I'm SHOCKED this unnecessary piece, along w/ clip, was submitted by a woman.

T.O.S.H. w/ actual breasts ???

Justin Novak
Justin Novak

You have to admire the man's dedication to his work. When I get sick I avoid anything slightly resembling physical activity.

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