Vincent Chacon, Steven Hernandez allegedly keep Nordstrom heist (almost) in the family

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vincent chacon mug shot cropped.jpg
Big photos below.
On the "About" section of Vincent Chacon's Facebook page, Steven Hernandez is listed as "Brother (Pending)."

Also pending are a series of legal actions prompted by the pair's arrest for the armed robbery of the Park Meadows Nordstrom, followed by a high-speed chase.

The photo gallery on the page for Chacon, listed as a 2009 graduate of Lakewood High School who still lives in the community, features more than a dozen self-portraits, all of which look pretty much like this:

vincent chacon facebook.jpg
There are fewer shots of this type on the page for Hernandez, listed as "SKeven" rather than Steven. But he supplements this profile pic...

steven hernandez facebook.jpg
...with a considerably greener shot:

steven hernandez facebook money.jpg
Did he have this sorta paper on his mind on November 2? That day, the Park Meadows Nordstrom suffered a robbery at gunpoint, after which the suspects fled in a blue BMW X5 after one of them reportedly pointed a gat at a security guard.

Police gave chase, only to call off the pursuit for fear of endangering the public -- which makes sense given the maze-like roadways that mark the mall area, not to mention the near-constant congestion. However, the cops did manage to capture a surveillance photo from inside the store:

nordstrom surveillance footage.jpg
Despite this clue, the Lone Tree Police Department needed some help on the case, and it came by way of an anonymous tip -- one good enough to prompt the arrest of both Chacon and Hernandez yesterday afternoon. They've been busted on suspicion of aggravated robbery and conspiracy to commit theft.

The case remains active: The LTPD notes that one suspect remains at large. No word as to whether it's a family member, pending or otherwise.

Here are more photos of Chacon and Hernandez -- their mug shots.

steven hernandez mug shots.JPG
Steven Hernandez.

vincent chacon mug shots.JPG

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He should get his arthritis checked out, it looks really bad in that money pic!  Or is that a sign that he is a complete douche bag?

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