Fifteen weirdest mug shots of 2012

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Big photos below.
Today, we begin our six-part roundup of 2012's most memorable mug shots, culled from our crime coverage throughout the year. And given what's happened in these parts over the past almost-twelve months, it's only appropriate that we're starting out with the weirdest images -- frequently with weird allegations to go along with them. Check them out below -- and be sure to click on the names or links to read our original coverage.

carmen tisch mug shot.jpg
Carmen Tisch.
Read more in "Carmen Tisch provoked to butt-rubbing, urinating by Clyfford Still painting"

jon christopher baker mug shot.jpg
Jon Christopher Baker.
Read more in "Jon Christopher Baker's alleged child porn stash: 30,000 photos, 1,400 videos."

eddie fisher mug shot.jpg
Eddie Fisher.
Read more in "Eddie Fisher, OneRepublic drummer, pleads not guilty in episode with model Loni Rae."

Continue to continue counting down our fifteen weirdest mug shots of 2012.

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Cognitive_Dissident topcommenter

How did the creep who murdered the people in the Aurora theatre miss this list. He looks like my favorite martian.

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