Fifteen weirdest mug shots of 2012

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Kuldip Nijjar mug shot.jpg
Kuldip Nijjar.
Read more in "Kuldip Nijjar: Eight years to life for penis-size-boasting sexual harassment."

ronald thomas mug shot.jpg
Ronald Thomas.
Read more in "Ronald Thomas allegedly made naked kids throw coins at each others' genitals."

belinda yates mug shot.jpg
Belinda Yates.
Read more in "Waldo Canyon fire: 37 burglaries, 28 car break-ins victimized evacuees."

Continue to continue counting down our fifteen weirdest mug shots of 2012.


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Cognitive_Dissident topcommenter

How did the creep who murdered the people in the Aurora theatre miss this list. He looks like my favorite martian.

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