Fifteen weirdest mug shots of 2012

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steven wood mug shot large.jpg
Steven Wood.
Read more in "Colorado Springs Police bust of Steven Woods first under urban camping ban ordinance."

george boedecker jr mug shot.jpg
George Boedecker, Jr.
Read more in " Crocs co-founder George Boedecker regrets 'batsh*t crazy' Taylor Swift-blaming DUI bust."

richard holman mug shot.jpg
Richard Holman.
Read more in "Richard Holman gets 48 years after giving hickeys and worse to ten-year-old boy."

Continue to continue counting down our fifteen weirdest mug shots of 2012.

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Cognitive_Dissident topcommenter

How did the creep who murdered the people in the Aurora theatre miss this list. He looks like my favorite martian.

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