Fifteen weirdest mug shots of 2012

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richard koca mug shot.jpg
Richard Koca.
Read more in "StandUp For Kids founder Richard Koca's child-sex-assault bust: Maybe more victims, cops fear."

daniel stewart cooper mug shot.jpg
Daniel Stewart Cooper.
Read more in "Daniel Cooper, shmuck, seems pleased to have been busted for up to 100 burglaries."

larry gomez mug shot.JPG
Larry Gomez.
Read more in "Larry Gomez denies shooting at officers, says cops 'beat the dog sh*t out of me.'"

More from our Mug Shots archive: "Fifteen weirdest mug shots of 2011."

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Cognitive_Dissident topcommenter

How did the creep who murdered the people in the Aurora theatre miss this list. He looks like my favorite martian.

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