William Costello, accused serial rapist, linked to two more crimes but bond lowered

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Big photo below.
Late last month, we told you about William Costello, charged with being a serial rapist after his DNA scored strikes on three previous sex assaults; see our original coverage below. Since then, he's been linked to two more crimes, yet his bond was actually lowered -- and he's since been released, prompting frustration for the Denver District Attorney's Office. Details below.

As we reported, Costello was arrested this past June for allegedly attacking a man at a grocery store who asked if he'd sign a petition. Afterward, a DNA sample was taken and run through the system -- and it registered three matches.

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Costello reportedly worked as a broker for Unique Properties, but he's no longer listed on the company website.
The first took place in March 2008 and involved a thirteen-year-old girl who a man had violated in a vehicle also occupied by a two year old in a car seat. The second dated to August 2010, when a 22-year-old woman was forced to perform oral sex on a man who claimed to be a police officer. And the third, dating back to September 2011, involved a 49-year-old victim groped and violated by an attacker who also claimed to be a cop.

In the wake of Costello's arrest, the Denver Post learned that he was a successful real estate broker with a reputation as a good father and ties to a number of powerful and influential Democrats in the state, including former Colorado Governor Dick Lamm.

Did powerful pals help Costello gain his freedom, at least temporarily? Well, last week, according to Denver DA's office spokeswoman Lynn Kimbrough, corresponding via e-mail, his bond was lowered from $200,000 to $150,000 despite objections from the prosecutor on the case. He subsequently paid this amount and was released.

Kimbrough also confirms that "two other people came forward with information" that connects him to another pair of cases, bringing the total in which he's suspected to five.

Costello's next court appearance will be a preliminary hearing slated for 8:30 a.m. on January 30. In the meantime, though, he's no longer behind bars.

Here's a larger look at Costello's booking photo, followed by our previous coverage, including his arrest affidavit.

william costello mug shot.jpg
William Costello.
Continue to read our previous coverage about William Costello.

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This is a PRIME example of how Colorado, pampers it's sex offenders.

Those convicted of drug offenses receive and serve far greater sentences 

than those guilty of RAPING our women & children !

Wonder if Sullivan and Costello will be co-hosting a Holiday extravaganza this season ???

If so, I'm sure the judge who lowered his bond will be in attendance ....

DonkeyHotay topcommenter

A 25% reduction in a bond does not a conspiracy make.

DonkeyHotay topcommenter

@DHisLEO ... why do you hate Due Process and the U$ Constitution?

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