William Costello, accused serial rapist, linked to two more crimes but bond lowered

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Afterward, an examination was conducted, and semen was found in the girl's panties -- presumably the source of the DNA that matched the sample taken from Costello after the June King Soopers assault.

For the second case, skip forward to August 2010, when a Denver Police officer was dispatched to 14400 East Colfax to meet with an Aurora cop with a 22-year-old woman identified as a sex-assault victim.

east colfax and north krameria william costello.jpg
East Colfax and North Krameria, near where the suspect is said to have picked up his next victim.
The woman said she'd been near the intersection of East Colfax and North Krameria Street when she was approached by a male in a black Mercedes. At that point, she asked him to take her through the drive-thru of a nearby Del Taco to get some food, since the indoor seating area was closed.

Once in the vehicle, the man drove southbound and began to fondle her breast. She asked him if he was a police officer, and he initially told her no, but the narrative quotes him as changing his tune shortly thereafter; he claimed he was "crooked" and told her she could "make some money."

This offer didn't appeal to the woman, who reportedly asked for him to take her back to where he'd picked her up. Instead, he asked what are characterized as "sexually explicit questions" before pulling over, sticking his hand down her pants and trying to penetrate her vagina. He then is accused of pulling his pants down, putting on a condom, grabbing the woman by the neck and hair and forcing her to give him oral sex. Shortly thereafter, the man is said to have forced the woman to remove her clothes and began raping her. The woman screamed and cried, especially after the condom broke, but the man continued with the sex act while choking her. He then dropped her off at a 7-Eleven next to the Del Taco, at which point she contacted police.

The description of the suspect this time around was a bit different from the 2008 case, but with some similarities: a white male in the five-seven range, with a shaved head and no facial hair. He was wearing a black baseball cap, a gray T-shirt and blue jeans. However, the DNA collected from vaginal and abdomen swabs also scored a strike with Costello.

Continue to read more about the allegations against reputed serial rapist William Costello.

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This is a PRIME example of how Colorado, pampers it's sex offenders.

Those convicted of drug offenses receive and serve far greater sentences 

than those guilty of RAPING our women & children !

Wonder if Sullivan and Costello will be co-hosting a Holiday extravaganza this season ???

If so, I'm sure the judge who lowered his bond will be in attendance ....

DonkeyHotay topcommenter

A 25% reduction in a bond does not a conspiracy make.

DonkeyHotay topcommenter

@DHisLEO ... why do you hate Due Process and the U$ Constitution?

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