Thirty most memorable women's mug shots of 2012

Categories: Crime

tishia allen mug shot.jpg
Tisihia Allen.
Read more in "Tisihia Allen charged with stabbing murder of Darius Norris in Aurora (36)."

christina drummond mug shot.jpg
Christina Drummond.
Read more in "Joseph Nieto and Christina Drummond in lockup for "Bonnie and Clyde" bank robberies."

maria carillo mug shot.jpg
Maria Carrillo.
Read more in "Maria Carrillo joins her husband in jail on racketeering charges for real estate scam."

susan cole mug shot.jpg
Susan Cole.
Read more in "Susan Cole sentenced for schmucky scheme to skip jury duty she bragged about on the radio."

kelli murphy mug shot.jpg
Kelli Lynn Murphy.
Read more in "Kelli Lynn Murphy found guilty of killing her two kids on dead son's eleventh birthday."

More from our Mug Shots archive: "Fifty most memorable women's mug shots of 2011."

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Stephen At Half Aspen
Stephen At Half Aspen

Some of them were stupid rather than intentionally criminal. I don't agree with posting their photos in ridicule and that's how it came across to me.

Brad Aerts
Brad Aerts

Most convincing way to show AGAIN how bad the public is


This is such a shitty publication.  Pretty soon google will stop returning results from it - unless it already has.

Hourlies @ Westword:

happy holidays

Cognitive_Dissident topcommenter

I'm sorry if this sounds trollish, but I'm trying to figure out what the point is. I haven't looked to see what these women (or the men before them) have done, but I suppose now's as good a time as any to say the following:

Just because someone's arrested doesn't mean they actually committed a crime. In fact, even if they've committed a crime, doesn't mean they've actually done something wrong. I'm going to hope all the women in this list and all the men in the other list actually did something reprehensible to deserve having their "interesting" mug shots published. No, I'm not going to take the time to actually check.

I just don't see the point. It just seems to me that this feature reinforces the idea that if someone has a mug shot taken, s/he's a bad person. I know you didn't say that, but in the traditions of other publications, that's the gist.

DonkeyHotay topcommenter

@Cognitive_Dissident "but I'm trying to figure out what the point is."

Are you really that ignorant?

That YOU -- and others -- looked at the page = advertising revenue for Westword / Village Voice

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