Alec Arapahoe accused of using Taser on his grandmother, great aunt

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The next family meal at the Arapahoe abode is absolutely guaranteed to be awkward.

Why? Because Alec Arapahoe, twenty, has been arrested on a slew of charges, including using a Taser to menace and/or shoot his grandmother and his great aunt. Details can be found in a vivid police report on view below.

According to the document, a Longmont police officer was called to a Boulder County home just shy of 10 p.m. on Saturday. There, he spoke with two sisters -- one age 66, the other 63. The senior member of the pair said that Arapahoe arrived at the residence with the scent of alcohol on his breath and a Taser in his possession.

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Not for use on elderly relatives.
The reason Arapahoe had the latter isn't noted, but his reaction to a demand to turn over the weapon certainly is. First, the narrative says, he began yelling at the women. Then he allegedly grabbed them by their arms and threw them back into their chairs, scratching one of them in the process.

Understandably, the two were eager to call the cops after this particular turn of events, but Arapahoe is said to have grabbed the phone every time they reached for it. He also ranted nonsensically. At one point, he talked about suicide. At another, he used a pen to slash at his own neck in a way that suggested he was trying to open up a vein. And he also pointed the Taser at his head. But when it came time to fire it, he shot at a wall behind the women instead of his own cranium.

The women were freaked out by these actions, and by his subsequent decision to point the Taser at each of their faces in turn.

Nonetheless, one of the women ultimately decided to run from the apartment as he reached into his jacket in an apparent attempt to reload. And how did Arapahoe respond? By tasing the fleeing woman in the back, the report says.

Continue for more on Alec Arapahoe's arrest, including the police report.

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Don't tase me bro........just don't tase me.


No respect for the generations that survived your parents, which carried you here and brought you to this world?? No shame. This kid should be lucky he is alive. Some orphans don't even know who their their grandmothers are, families or relatives. Some people are dying of unwanted cancer. Go read some books or something and do something useful with your own life. Instead of being a looser with no life and playing with stun guns.


Especially during the Holidays when Grandmothers are on 'High-Alert' from runaway reindeer !

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