Alec Arapahoe accused of using Taser on his grandmother, great aunt

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Despite being barbed, the woman managed to accomplish her goal and phone the authorities -- and when officers found Arapahoe, he's said to have had a Taser cartridge in his possession, accompanied by a noticeable scent of booze. He's now been charged with nine different counts, including third-degree assault on an at-risk adult, false imprisonment and -- you guessed it -- use of a stun gun.

Talk about a twisted way of keeping it in the family. Below, see a larger version of Arapahoe's mug shot, followed by the aforementioned police report.

alec arapahoe mug shot.jpg
Alec Arapahoe.

Alec Arapahoe Arrest Report

More from our Colorado Crimes archive: "Lakewood police arrest Eric Garcia for two sexual assault attempts in 20-minute period."

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Don't tase me bro........just don't tase me.


No respect for the generations that survived your parents, which carried you here and brought you to this world?? No shame. This kid should be lucky he is alive. Some orphans don't even know who their their grandmothers are, families or relatives. Some people are dying of unwanted cancer. Go read some books or something and do something useful with your own life. Instead of being a looser with no life and playing with stun guns.


Especially during the Holidays when Grandmothers are on 'High-Alert' from runaway reindeer !

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